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Dissatisfied after the first hour of lessons?

You’re entitled to a full refund.

Popular Primary School Tutors

Ms Apple


Ms Apple
Tutor worked in private sector for 8 years, specialising in marketing communications and confidential secretarial functions. Tutor's teaching method focuses on strengthening foundation through meaningful activities e.g. brainstorming, discussions and extensive reading in addition to the typical worksheets and exam papers. Tutor prepares all learning materials. Tutor has taught English and Chinese across primary and secondary levels, and has tutored undergraduate assignments in Marketing.

Ms Agilaandeswari


Ms Agilaandeswari
I enjoy teaching and kids as well! My approach to teaching is to practice. With practice, I will teach techniques. With both of these factors in the equation with your child’s motivation and determination, it will definitely end in a success!

Ms Zhen Xin


Ms Zhen Xin
I am an experienced educator who has taught children from K1 to JC in different settings. I would like to help all children I come into contact with to fulfil their potential and learn to take charge of their learning.

Mr Nicholas


Mr Nicholas
NUS Pharmacy Graduate, Part Time tutor Speciality: Primary - Secondary Maths and Pure Science Subjects, JC H2 Biology and Chemistry

Ms Claire


Ms Claire
Tutoring Experience (in years): 3 Brief description of your experience: I am currently studying in Nanyang Technological University, Accountancy. In Junior college, I am a dean’s lister and am top 5% of the cohort. I am good at math and am sponsored by the school to compete in Singapore Mathematics Olympiad. Top in class for GP, Chem and Math. I have 3 years of tutor experience and taught both home tuition and at tuition center (p3, p6 and sec 2 Eng, Math and Science)! I taught both secondary
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All Learnable Educators go through a stringent identity and academic certificate verification processes before they are awarded a profile badge.

Look out tutors with the “Learnable Verified” Badge on their public profile listings. This helps to ensure that the instructors you hire are credible and qualified.

Your child’s safety is our utmost priority.

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However, should you be dissatisfied after the first hour of lessons with a newly hired educator, Learnable’s Good Fit Guarantee entitles you to a full refund of that hour!

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